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Stainless steel vacuum three-way ball valve lead-free copper ball valve with internal thread

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Under normal circumstances, there are basically two types of three-way ball valve: T-type and L-type structure。
The T-type structure basically uses three identical pipes to combine with each other and constantly cuts off the third of them to achieve two different effects of diverting and confluence。.
For the L three-way ball valve type, it is to connect two similar channels that are identical to each other, but it is impossible to ensure that the third channel interacts with each other.It simply plays the role of specifying which one to assign.
Description About the three-way ball valve:
The sealing type specification of the three-way valve seat is that the flange connection is usually less, but the reliability will be very high, so the simple and lightweight structural design is achieved in terms of design structure and use effect。
Second, for the service life of the three-way ball valve, we are relatively speaking, the service life is usually much higher, and the force used is much larger than the general, but the resistance part is a lot smaller。
Three, according to the action type is divided into single action and double action of two different specifications, the basic specificity of the single action type is that it is once the power source has a problem, the ball valve will immediately be in the basic requirements of the control system。