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What are the reasons why the three-way ball valve is not tightly closed?

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Stainless steel three-way ball valve in the process of use, there may be a variety of failures, of which stainless steel three-way ball valve is not tightly closed is occasionally a situation, then what are the reasons for the three-way ball valve is not tightly closed?
1.Valve stem threads are rusty
For the electric three-way ball valve that is usually in the open state, when it is accidentally closed, it will also be loosely closed because the valve stem thread has been rusted。
2.Stainless steel three-way ball valve sealing surface is damaged
For the case that the switch is still not turned off several times, that is, the sealing surface has been damaged and should be repaired;Or corrosion, particle scratches in the medium and other damage to the sealing surface, should also be reported for repair。
3.There are impurities stuck electric valve sealing surface
The electric valve is sometimes suddenly closed loosely, which may be that there are impurities stuck between the sealing surface of the electric valve, at this time, the force should not be forced to close, the electric valve should be slightly opened larger, and then try to close, try repeatedly, and the quality of the medium should be kept clean。
4.The stem is not well connected to the disc
Often lubricated the stem and stem nut of the stainless steel three-way ball valve to ensure that the switch of the electric valve is flexible, and a regular maintenance program is required。
All of us in the case of the three-way ball valve is not strictly closed, it is generally the above reasons, the emergence of these problems, we can all according to the above reasons to analyze the problem and solve the problem。