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Detailed introduction
Hard seal three way ball valve has T and L type。The T type can make the three orthogonal pipes interconnect with each other and cut off the third channel, which plays the role of shunt and confluence。The L-type can only connect the two orthogonal pipelines, and cannot maintain the mutual connectivity of the third pipeline at the same time, and only plays the role of distribution。

Hard sealed three-way ball valve Product features:
1. Three-way ball valve adopts integrated structure in structure, sealing type of 4-side seat, less flange connection, high reliability, and lightweight design
2, tee ball core is divided into T type and L type, long service life, large circulation capacity, small resistance
3, the ball valve is divided into two types of single action and double action according to the action type, the single action type is characterized by the failure of the power source, the ball valve will be in the control system requirements。